How to Cook Pasta Perfectly

How to Cook Pasta Perfectly

How to Cook Pasta Perfectly

The method for cooking pasta seems oh-so-obvious: boil water + pasta = supper ready ..correct? But often enough it is the easy things that end up being the trickiest.

As it happens the window for perfect pasta, not too soft yet not too firm, is very slim.  There are also the other things to consider. Do you need to add salt or oil to the water? How about running cold-water to stop the cooking of the pasta?

If this is overwhelming to you, take a breath and forget worrying about the pasta. We’ve put together the best and straight forward guide for perfect pasta every time.

Steps To Cook Pasta Perfectly:

1. Use a sizable pot
Select a large pot that provides the pasta a great deal of space to move. Meaning not to use the same small pots for boiling eggs. It will create pasta balls if you do that. Making pasta you will need to take out the 8 to 12 quart stock pots.

2. Fill up the pot with lots of water
When you’re starving, you may be tempted work with less water so that it will boil quicker. Please don’t, that’s a mistake. Pasta needs quite of bit of room, it also needs a great deal of water so it can be completely submerged. If the pasta is above the water, it will not cook properly. You want five or six quarts of water for the pasta.

3. Salt the water 

You want to add about 3 or 4 table spoons of sea salt once the water start boiling. The water need to be salty so it can season the pasta as it cooks. Salt makes everything starchy taste better.

4. Bring the water to a full boil

Be patient and let the water go into a full boil before adding the pasta. If you add the pasta when its just simmering, you will end up with raw uncooked pieces. It will completely ruin the whole dish.

5. Keep stirring to keep pasta from sticking
Don’t walk away from the pot after you add the pasta. You got to keep the pasta from clumping up by stirring it several times during the cooking time.  Make sure you stir it once within the first 2 minutes of cooking.

6. Give the pasta a taste a couple minutes before it’s ready
Take a look at the package directions for cooking times. Check the pasta about two minutes before it should be ready. At this point you want the pasta to be springy and chewy. Everyone likes their pasta differently, so adjust your timing accordingly. Regardless of your preference, you should check it a few times till it’s perfect for you.

7. Save a cup of pasta water
After the pasta is prepared to your preference, take a moment to get this little step done: Before you throw away the pasta water, save about a cup of it for your sauce. This starchy water is perfect for binding the pasta and sauce together. It can also be used to break down thick sauces so the pasta don’t stick together.

8. Drain, mix together with sauce and enjoy! 
Drain your pasta over the sink then put the pasta directly in with sauce. Add in some of the pasta water and toss it to cover the pasta. For plating, add some grated parmesan cheese and parsley or your choice of herbs before serving.


  • Cooking times may differ depending on the type of pasta and the amount you use
  • If you are using fresh pasta, it only takes 3 or 4 mins to cook compare to the long cook times of dried pasta.
  • Ravioli and other stuffed pastas will float above the water when it’s done cooking
  • DO NOT add any oils while the pasta is cooking. The sauce won’t be able to coat properly if you do.
  • DO NOT run your pasta with cold water after it’s done cooking unless you are planning to make a pasta salad.


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