How To Cook The Perfect Fried Rice

How To Cook The Perfect Fried Rice

How To Cook The Perfect Fried Rice

Fried rice is one of the best ways to utilize your leftovers to make a quick delicious meal. Making fried rice is actually really easy but making the perfect fried rice requires technique.

From my restaurant experience having proper technique does make a world of differences in the over all flavor of Chinese food. At my restaurant we consistently get compliments for our fried rice because we make it different than all the other restaurants and we do it the proper way.

Follow these tips & techniques to make the perfect fried rice:

Perfect Fried Rice Tips:

-Use left over rice or cold rice. Never use freshly cooked rice, it will make your rice clump up and mushy when fried it.

-Once the rice is cold, run hot water through it to separate the rice and then let it seat on a drainer till it drys out then put it in the fridge overnight. If you do do it the is way, your rice will never stick to each other and every grain of rice will be seperated.

-The key to having delicious fried rice is to cook it in very high temperatures, that is why the fried rice at home can never taste the same as the ones at a Chinese restaurant. The woks they use at a Chinese restaurant are cooked at extreme temperatures. But following these tips can get similar results.

-Use a canola, vegetable or peanut oil. DO NOT use olive oil. Olive oils burn at high temperatures and will ruin your dish.

-Use a steel or iron wok for best results, but if you are just a beginner, you can do this with a non stick wok that way the rice will not stick to the pot and ruin the dish. Once you are more comfortable at cooking with high temperatures you can then switch.

Perfect Fried Rice Cooking Technique:   

  1. Heat wok up on high till you see a little smoke
  2. Add a little bit of oil, swirl the oil around the wok to coat the wok evenly, this will prevent it from sticking. 
  3. Crack some eggs in and toss it till its cooked but still a little runny then scoop it up and set it aside. It should look like scramble eggs.
  4. Wash the woke if there is anything sticking to it, if not just add a little oil
  5. Add leftover meats and/or veggies and stir till done or caramelized with color. (If you use fresh meat, you will need to scoop it up and wash the wok before adding the rice or else the rice will stick to the wok.)
  6. Add the rice rice
  7. Season with a little salt, and pepper, then add light soya sauce for flavor (Make sure you use light soya and not dark. Dark soya sauce has no flavor it just adds color. Light soya sauce when cooked in high temperature you get a very nice flavor and aroma. Light soya sauce is very salty so do not put too much at first, add as needed only)
  8. Add sprinkles of water into the wok throughout the cooking if the rice seem too dry. This will make the rice very fluffy and fresh tasting. DO NOT pour in the water. You can pour a little on the back of your spatula to spread the water on the wok. 
  9. Toss or stir the rice constantly and don’t let it seat for too long or the rice will burn because of the high heat. You want to toss it well so all the seasoning will be coated evenly. If need be, add a little more oil, but make sure to add the oil by circling the wok and not directly onto the rice.
  10. Taste the rice, if the flavor is good, add the egg toss for another minute, then add some scallions and toss for another minute and your done.

When your done, it should like something like this.

How To Cook The Perfect Fried Rice



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